Frow Magazine

After 22 Issues and a few years since the start of CURVA, the magazine needed a new image and a new name. Editor, Leanna Grant had noticed the name was a stumbling point in the continued development of the magazine as it suggested a predominantly Curve focus and not the magazines true ‘every woman’ approach to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. So with the release of the first issue of the rebranded magazine in November 2017 Curva became Frow; a term in the fashion industry for 'the row of seats closest to the catwalk at a fashion show’

This first release was distributed through Curva’s traditional digital outlets Apple, Android, Windows, and other online media Stores. Then with the second issue of frow new ground was conquered with a large print run creating a new fashion glossy, available in selected UK stores nationwide and also available in the stores of a national chain in the United States.

22 Issues Of Experience

After working on 22 Issues of Curva we had a lot of experience of what the team behind the magazine liked and needed from their design. This experience and relationship helped the transition as we rebranded the magazine into Frow.

Larger Print Runs

The rebrand complimented an increase in the print production. This meant an increase in focus on the design being more fitting for the printed audience whilst maintaining an appropriate design for the original digital market that the magazine started with.